Chai Tiramisu


4 eggs

¾ cup sugar

200g Tatua Mascarpone

1 cup cream

1 cup Chai syrup

1 cup cold, brewed tea (earl grey, chai or your favourite aromatic black tea)

24 savoiardi (Italian sponge fingers, found in all good food stores)

Tatua Dairy Whip, to serve


  1. Separate the eggs. Beat the whites to the soft peak stage.  Then beat the yolks and sugar together until thick and pale.
  2. Stir in the Tatua Mascarpone and then the beaten egg whites.
  3. Dip the savoiardi into the chai syrup before arranging in your dish. You want the biscuit to soak up the chai but you don’t want it to become saturated and fall apart.
  4. Cover half of chai soaked savoiardi with half the Tatua Mascarpone mixture before adding another layer of savoiardi then topping with the remaining Tatua Mascarpone. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  5. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar just before serving.

Makes one large tiramisu or can be served as individual ones in elegant glasses.

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