Candy Shop Donut Delight Freakshake


¼ cup vanilla buttercream

100s & 1000s

¼ cup strawberry milkshake syrup

1 cup milk

2 scoop vanilla ice-cream + extra for top

3 mini donuts

2 licorice all-sorts

2 paper straws

Tatua Dairy Whip

Candy floss


  1. Generously spread the top ¼ of a tall glass with the vanilla buttercream.
  2. Roll the edge of the glass in the 100s & 1000s to coat the buttercream.
  3. Use half of the milkshake syrup to drizzle down the inside of the glass.
  4. Combine the remaining milkshake syrup in the blender with the milk and two scoops of ice-cream – blend well.
  5. Skewer the donuts onto a straw.
  6. Skewer the licorice all-sorts onto the other straw.
  7. Pour the milk shake into the decorated glass
  8. Top with two scoops of ice-cream.
  9. Add the straws to the glass.
  10. Swirl with Dairy Whip.
  11. Top with candy floss and extra sprinkles.
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