Tropical Meringue Roll


4 egg whites

1 cup caster sugar

Pinch cream of tartar

1 Tbsp vinegar

1 Tbsp cornflour

1 cup passionfruit curd

1 cup passionfruit syrup for garnish

Tatua Dairy Whip Whipped Cream

1 mango, sliced

Icing sugar


  1. Beat the egg whites until white and fluffy.
  2. Add the cream of tartar and gradually add the sugar beating until thick, white and glossy.
  3. Add the vanilla and cornflour and beat well.
  4. Spoon the mixture onto a lined baking tray and spread out to form a large rectangle.
  5. Bake the mixture for 15-20 minutes at 160°C or until puffed and golden and dry to the touch.
  6. Cool completely then flip over onto  a large sheet of baking paper.
  7. Spread with the passionfruit curd and pipe with Tatua Dairy Whip Whipped Cream.
  8. Roll up the pavlova from the longest side to form a log.
  9. Transfer to a serving plate.
  10. Pipe with Tatua Dairy Whip Whipped Cream and garnish with mango slices and drizzle with extra passionfruit sauce or curd.
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